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Our program offers competitive cheerleading for athletes of all ages and all experience levels. Teams consist of 10 to 38 athletes with a similar skill level, but different athletic abilities in order to make the team as successful as possible. The coaches create a competition routine that is performed at competitions to compete against other teams of similar age and level. These routines are judged on the Varsity score sheet by their level of difficulty, technique, entertainment value, and creativity level. These teams require a full year commitment to our program, practicing two to three times a week. While there are plenty of competitive programs in the world, we believe our gym is an exceptional environment for kids to become their all-around personal best. All Star cheerleading is an excellent avenue for athletes to learn goal setting, teamwork, communication skills, sportsmanship, and develop life-long friendships.

For our younger athletes, ages 3-7, we offer full year novice and prep divisions. Travel is local and less frequent…perfect for the beginner cheerleader!  We also plan to offer youth and junior full year prep teams this season!



Jupiter Elite All-Stars Half year program is a team program within Jupiter Elite that is designed to give athletes a version of our all-star experience with less time commitment and less financial obligation. 


All-Star cheerleading differs from traditional sideline cheerleading by combining elements of Tumbling, stunts, dance, jumps, choreography, etc... 


The total cost of our half year program consists of weekly training, 4 local competitions, USASF athlete membership, discounted Tumbling classes, choreography camp, custom routine music, and uniform package. 



Preschool Tumbling:

Child will improve motor skill development by increasing muscle memory, body awareness, and muscle control.  Child will advance once their attention span can go throughout the 60 minute class time and muscle control is advanced to the point they are ready to begin Intro tumbling skills on their own.  Intro skills introduced such as forward rolls, handstands, back bends, back walkovers, back handsprings, etc.

BOYS TUMBLING: Is your son not interested in standing in line with girls, glitter and sparkles?  Is he just interested in cool tricks like flips?  This class was made for him! ages - varies!



Ages - varies--see class schedule, one-hour class

This class is the perfect class to begin tumbling.  Option for all ages, no experience required. Fundamentals will allow athletes to work on learning and mastering the following basic skills: forward roll, backward roll, handstand, handstand forward roll, cartwheel, roundoff, bridge, back bend kickover, back walkover, front walkover, front walkover roundoff, etc…



one-hour class

Once athletes have the fundamentals down, they are ready to start handsprings. Perfecting the handspring is a major milestone in tumbling and this class is designed just for that. Prerequisites: Strong basics (forward roll, backward roll, cartwheel, round-off, back/front walkover)

Intermediate Handspring/Intro to Tucks:

one-hour class

Athletes that can already do a standing handspring and a round off handspring are ready for the intermediate class. Connecting multiple handsprings, building power, and working on the rebound/set will be the focus in this class. Prerequisites: standing handspring and round-off handspring.


one-hour class

With a focus on perfecting the tuck and/or layout. Working on the perfect set, creating a beautiful straight body line, this class teaches the proper technique needed to progress these skills! Prerequisites: working on or has standing/running series to back tuck and/or layout.


Advanced Tumbling:

one-hour class

This class will focus on all advanced skills. Prerequisites: Strong standing series to layout & round-off hand layout.

Stretch Class:

All Ages, 30-minute class

This class will be geared towards the progress of flexibility, execution of proper body positions, air awareness, spinning, technique in the air, conditioning etc… *$5 entry per athlete. Does not accept tumbling tickets.


Intro To Cheer:

Never cheered before but have always wanted to? Then this is the class for you! This is a class where 



lass is designed for flyer technique and hands on stunting. There will be a focus as well on stretches for the back, shoulders, hips, hamstrings and quadriceps. Flyers will have stunt groups and stunt simulating equipment in class to have the full experience of using their skills in the air.  It’s an all around flyers dream come true to build your skills safely! Stunt classes are once a week. 

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